Hyper Converged Infrastructure (Hyperconvergence)

An Entire Data Center in a Single Piece of Equipment


One of the biggest buzzwords in data center technology is hyperconvergence—or hyper converged infrastructure. All across the industry, developers and tech enthusiasts are trumpeting the solution’s simplicity, ease of management, and cost savings over traditional data center designs.

But what is hyperconvergence? A hyper converged infrastructure combines storage, compute, networking, and a hypervisor into a single box. A company can have a fully functional data center by buying a single piece of hardware.

At Mindsight, we find the Cisco HyperFlex to be an excellent example of the current capabilities and future potential of this new data center approach. As part of our Cisco Gold Partner status, Mindsight earned the Cisco Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization, which exemplifies our expertise in working with all things Cisco. 

Features and Benefits of HyperFlex

Consolidate the Data Center

HyperFlex is an excellent option to consolidate your data center. There’s no SAN, no storage controllers, no storage array at all. Everything is housed within the compact hyper converged appliance.

Deploy a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The scaling process in a hyper converged data center is easy. All you have to do is deploy a new node. In a VDI deployment, this can be a major advantage. Instead of over-provisioning hardware, a hyper converged data center can layer on new nodes as the need arises.

Furthermore, the lack of a SAN removes the possibility of storage bottlenecks. The storage arrays are physically connected to the servers running the VDI application.

Perform Testing and Development

Hyperconvergence makes it easy to create logical separations for a testing and development environment. This discourages the development team from creating a Shadow IT environment in the public cloud. At the same time, it empowers them to use best of breed equipment for their development needs.

Manage Your Data Center Remotely

In a hyper converged infrastructure, the entire data center can be managed remotely from the same central portal.

Mindsight Certifications

  • Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization

    Mindsight is a Cisco Gold Partner. One of the requirements to earn that distinction is the Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization. By achieving this specialization, Mindsight has demonstrated our expertise with all manner of Cisco data center solutions.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    Let Mindsight help support your HyperFlex deployment. Our managed services agreements allow you to customize the level of assistance we provide. From alerting and monitoring, to maintenance and more, managed services free up your team to focus on more important projects.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Schedule a Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap with Mindsight to gain real insight into a particular technology in your data center. Our consultants provide a detailed report along with professional recommendations on how to increase performance.

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Deployment Options

Switch to a hyper converged infrastructure on-premise and deploy the HyperFlex.

Deploy your HyperFlex in an off-premise colocated data center.


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