Cloud Managed Services

Businesses of all sizes are finding value in the cloud. Applications in the cloud still need the same level of maintenance as those hosted in an on-premise data center. Mindsight can help with Cloud Managed Services. Through a managed services agreement, we can remotely support your cloud deployment in any cloud format: public, private, or hybrid.

Mindsight Cloud Deployments

  • Public Cloud

    In a public cloud deployment, companies purchase storage and compute resources from a well-established cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure. Mindsight can take over the management responsibilities of these applications hosted in public cloud data centers.

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  • Private Cloud

    Some companies prefer to build their own cloud environments offsite—called a private cloud—and host their applications there. Mindsight has the expertise to support these environments as well and can ensure that these applications perform at their utmost all year round.

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  • Hybrid Cloud

    Gaining popularity in many businesses, hybrid cloud involves a mixture of both on-prem, public, and private cloud deployments. Whether in the cloud or in your data center, Mindsight can offer managed services to support any and all applications in your environment.

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Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Path to the Cloud Analysis

    Cloud is on the lips of every IT department in the industry. Let Mindsight help guide you there with our Path to the Cloud Analysis. Our senior consultants will analyze your environment, identify any applications ready to be launched into the cloud, and provide a roadmap forward.

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