Intrusion Detection Prevention System

Security within the Network Firewall

Attacks on your data and infrastructure can seriously damage your ability to do business, and a firewall alone isn’t enough. While firewalls are great at keeping most malicious activity out of your network, what do you do if something slips past? You need a powerful, robust solution that will monitor, identify, and destroy malware and infected files. Enter, an Intrusion Detection Prevention System.

Mindsight’s Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDPS) wield the world’s leading network security technology from Cisco to combat cyber threats at all stages of the attack continuum. Through Cisco’s powerful security solutions and Mindsight’s deep understanding of the product line, we can develop a personalized solution that aligns with your business goals.

Mindsight IDPS Protects at All Stages of the Attack Continuum

Before the Attack
At all times, the IDPS system monitors the network and searches for any infected or malicious files.

During the Attack
Once a threat is discovered, the IDPS springs into action. It will immediately work to contain, isolate, and destroy the threat before it can cause additional damage.

After the Attack
With the threat removed, the IDPS will produce a detailed report on the incident and log the nature of the threat in its files. If the same attack were to strike again, the IDPS will remember the previous incident, recognize the threat sooner, and work to eliminate it.


A Network Protected from Within

Network-level Solution
Our IDPS stops outbreaks at the network level before they can reach the desktop.

Network Integration
By working with other network components, the IDPS delivers end-to-end, network-wide intrusion prevention.

Active Updates
Our IDPS helps you stay ahead of the hacking industry. The IDPS receives regular updates to learn important information on the nature of the most recent threats.

Decrease legal liability, protect brand reputation, and secure your data.

Easier Management
Reduce operational costs with custom options for both small and large deployments.

Best of Breed
Mindsight uses the world’s best intrusion detection and prevention technology. More than 700,000 Cisco network devices worldwide send current threat information into the global security operations, Cisco Talos. Those threats are analyzed, correlated, and delivered to devices worldwide to thwart similar attacks in the future.

Mindsight Certifications

  • Cisco Gold Partner

    The Cisco Gold Partner certification is a testament to our skill and understanding of Cisco networking and security solutions. To achieve this status, Mindsight earned both the Advanced Enterprise Network Architecture and Advanced Security Architecture Specializations.

Mindsight Supporting Services

  • Managed Services

    Mindsight is ready to lend a hand in supporting your IDPS, network, and security. Through a managed services agreement, the Mindsight team can provide monitoring, alerting, maintenance, or even full administration of your network.

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  • Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap

    Schedule a Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap with Mindsight and put the experience of our consultants to work for you. One of our senior consultants will come on-site to analyze a technology in your data center. We’ll cover any strengths or weaknesses and find opportunities to improve performance.

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Deployment Models


Protect your data with an on-premise deployment of your IDPS located in your in-house data center.

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