Known primarily for their Windows operating system, Microsoft also offers a number of other valuable core infrastructure applications for the enterprise. This includes Exchange and Active Directory. In recent years, Microsoft has become a public cloud services provider and also launched Office 365, a cloud-hosted MS Office suite.

Through Mindsight, our clients gain access to a valuable collection of applications and solutions. This includes several core infrastructure applications, such as Active Directory, Exchange, and Office 365. These three solutions represent the technology essentials for every company. Without proper access to Active Directory, Exchange, and Office, a business will struggle to remain competitive in the modern marketplace. Mindsight has the experience and proficiency with these applications to install and support them.

Clients can also find assistance with other Microsoft solutions. As a Silver Midmarket Solutions provider, Mindsight has demonstrated our thorough understanding of Hyper-V, Skype for Business, and Azure.


    • Office 365
    • Active Directory
    • Exchange
    • Azure
    • Hyper-V
    • Skype for Business


    • Silver Cloud Productivity Competency
    • Silver Cloud Platform Competency
    • Silver Datacenter Competency

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