Log Rhythm


Log Rhythm is a security intelligence and analytics platform. It enables companies to identify and stop cyber attacks that have breached their perimeter defenses. Log Rhythm accomplishes this by analyzing log behavior and finding trends. It notices similarities between the logs of different endpoints and charts the path of a threat as it moves throughout your network. Tracing this trail backwards, Log Rhythm can pinpoint where an attack began and how it entered the network in the first place. From there, Log Rhythm displays all of its findings in a convenient and clear reporting dashboard so the team can assess the report as quickly as possible.

Log Rhythm has earned numerous awards for its excellence in the industry. This includes the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Global SIEM Enabling Technology Leadership Award, the NetworkWorld Asia 2016 Information Management Award, and the 2016 Top 100 Workplaces from the Denver Post. They have also been named a Leader in the Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant for two years in a row.

Log Rhythm also supplies endpoint monitoring and forensics, security analytics, and next-generation log management.

Through their endpoint monitoring and forensic capabilities, Log Rhythm provides constant surveillance of numerous areas of an environment. This includes network communications, user activities, USB drives, files and registries as well as activity on the monitored host. This helps the team detect a breach after it has passed the firewall.

Log Rhythm also provides security analytics for the in-house or managed services team. The available information can serve a wide variety of security needs and can even be customized to suit your unique purposes.

Next-Generation Log Management can sort through the thousands or millions of log events in your environment to provide exceptional insight. If there is a trend or pattern among your logs, Log Rhythm can help the team identify the source of the problem and respond accordingly. Furthermore, the system also helps automate your environment to align with various compliance requirements through its Compliance Automation Modules.

Additionally, Log Rhythm can monitor your network and provide detailed visibility. It inventories applications currently in use and records packet data on the application layer. Plus, administrators can customize how much or how little information to gather. SmartCaptureTM allows you to capture data based only on specific applications or packet content. This allows your team to conserve storage space while still gaining the insight they need. Finally, Log Rhythm can reconstruct file attaches from emails to assist in data loss monitoring and malware analysis.


    • Security Intelligence Platform
    • SIEM
    • Security Analytics
    • Log Management
    • Network Monitoring and Forensics
    • Endpoint Monitoring and Forensics