Analyzing 34 Million events per day, CrowdStrike provides exceptional next-generation antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response. As a Security as a Service solution, CrowdStrike does not need the traditional on-premise infrastructure or CapEx costs common in technology deployments. Instead, clients simply install a single, lightweight agent into their environment and gain access to CrowdStrike’s impressive platform, CrowdStrike Falcon.

CrowdStrike has proven to be extremely effective and popular with some of the world’s largest brands. Three of ten of the largest global companies by revenue have implemented CrowdStrike. It doesn’t stop there. Five of the ten largest financial institutions, three of the ten largest health care providers, and three of the ten largest energy companies all rely on CrowdStrike. They have been named one of Forbes Most Promising Companies and won the CRN Tech Innovator Award.

Falcon Prevent is CrowdStrike’s next-generation antivirus solution. It prevents escalation of privileges, ransomware, and zero-day exploits by using intricate machine learning technology. It notices trends in endpoint events to prevent covert activities that might look suspicious.

Falcon Insight provides endpoint detection and response (EDR) for your environment. If a threat were to sneak by, the real-time monitoring of Falcon Insight will locate the Indicator of Attack (IoA), identify the attack behavior, and thwart the attack. Furthermore, because Flacon Insight is a cloud-hosted solution, it has virtually no impact on endpoint performance.

Falcon OverWatch proactively hunts down threats and security breaches in your environment. This ensures that an attack is stopped before it can do damage to your environment. CrowdStrike’s threat hunting team works 24/7 to sift through billions of endpoint security events, analyze activities, follow event trails, identify entry points, and deliver actionable information on the nature of the threat.

Falcon Discover delivers an inventory of all applications in the environment and monitors user privileges to ensure accounts are not compromised. Furthermore it provides an inventory of managed and unmanaged devices in the environment.

Falcon Intelligence provides the brains and threat intelligence of the operation. It delivers cyber security analyses and reporting. It tracks the tactics and techniques of modern cyber threats to help you identify a breach or proactively prevent one.

Each aspect of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform offers exceptional value to a modern IT environment. Together, these systems provide a proven path to reducing your risk of attack while avoiding the CapEx costs of deploying, managing, and maintaining infrastructure.


    • Falcon Prevent
    • Falcon Insight
    • Falcon OverWatch
    • Falcon Discover
    • Falcon Intelligence