30% Immediate Cost Savings: How CIOs Can Reduce Costs With Telecom Re-evaluation


June 25, 2020 by Mark DiBenedetto and Eric White 

Uncertain markets are prompting companies to reevaluate telecom agreements with their telco providers to identify lower cost options. Frequently, businesses will have multiple telco providers. Managing multiple vendors is a contributing factor to out-of-control, invisible costs that can be detrimental to a business trying to trim and remain nimble. 


Why Are Companies Facing High Telecom Costs?


The reason behind these shifting costs is multi-faceted:

Multiple Telco Providers: Due to geographic-based pricing models, many companies use multiple providers to cover different service areas. 

Legacy Agreements: Previously, it made sense to craft 1-, 3-, and 5-year telecom agreements; however, new shifts in dynamics may mean these agreements no longer make sense. 

Lowered Telecom Costs: Overall, telecom costs have decreased, meaning telco providers now have the better end of the deal. The costs fall squarely on the shoulders of loyal companies. 

reduce telecom costs


How To Get 30% Immediate Cost Savings? 


Act! Don’t let history dictate your future. By reevaluating your current telecom agreements, you can likely achieve significant cost savings. 

Vendors you didn’t even know existed – and creative service delivery – can go a long way towards reducing overall costs and fees – saving you money when it matters most. 

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What Is The Alternative?


The first step to obtaining these savings in an audit of your current agreements. Mindsight is partnering with Sandler Partners to perform a simple review of existing telco provider bills and identify lower cost options. 

One of the biggest alternatives is SDWAN. SDWAN is a much lower cost alternative to MPLS and, in most cases, does not require a carrier to manage it. That means companies can save on both telecom costs AND hardware costs. 

SDWAN is a smart investment anyway as it increases overall connectivity. Cutting telecom costs is an added – and invaluable – bonus.

reduce telecom costs


What Can You Do Now?


Reach out to the experts at Mindsight to schedule your audit and identify lower cost alternatives. With these options in hand, we can work together to begin reducing costs and finding you savings. 

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About The Authors

Mark DiBenedetto is the Vice President of Sales at Mindsight.He drives revenue and profits to the bottom line for Mindsight through our team of Account Executives, while ensuring customers receive best in class support, service, and direction as they work to enhance their business with advanced technology solutions.

Eric White is Chief Technology Officer and VP of Consulting Services at Mindsight. With over ten years of experience in information technology and leadership, Eric excels at implementing network and data center technologies, designing high-yield solutions for the business. Holding professional certifications from Microsoft, VMware, and EMC, as well as the Cisco CCNP, Eric is an expert at solving business realities with a client-centric focus that delivers.

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