2 Key Ways to Protect Your Data: Colocation and Cloud SolutionsRead

  November 5, 2015 Today, the majority of essential business functions are housed within a company’s data center. Everything from voice to file storage to customer accounts and more depend on the sustained connection and operation of a data center solution. Yet, these devices are relatively fragile and vulnerable to physical and virtual damage. Without […]

A Tale of Two Series: The NetApp E-SeriesRead

  October 23, 2015 The NetApp E-Series and EF-Series storage solutions are two tremendously versatile collections of storage arrays. From the E2700 to the E5500 and E5600 in the E-Series to the EF550 and EF560 in the EF-Series, NetApp has deployed these arrays with great success in a wide range of situations. In large part, […]

Avaya and Nortel End Software Support for Many Contact CentersRead

  October 21, 2015 Like the industry at large, Avaya has a reputation for innovating at high speeds. Yet, that speed is a double edged sword. While on the one hand, the consumer market enjoys hardware and software advances, increased functionality and performance, and the convenience of sophisticated contact center solutions. On the other hand, […]

Why Creating An Effortless Contact Center Experience Is More Important Than Wowing Your CustomerRead

  July 7, 2015 Earlier this month, I read the book The Effortless Experience, by Matthew Dixon and Nick Toman. The authors compiled some fantastic, real world research that challenged conventional thinking when it comes to the customer experience and customer service. The book provides data challenging traditional customer service and its effect on customer spending, loyalty, and recommendations. The […]

The Millennials Are Coming – Is Your Contact Center Ready?Read

  June 30, 2015 If you read about customer service or marketing, you already know that the millennial generation is here, and they have power. In Micah Solomon’s recent column, 5 Secrets of Selling and Serving 80 Million Millennial Customers, he stated, “The millennial generation of customers is about to take your business by storm […]

Prevent Fraud in the Contact CenterRead

  June 23, 2015 I called my bank yesterday to complete a wire transfer. After answering a couple of basic questions about my account and personal information, I was able to instantly transfer a considerable amount of money from my savings account to my retirement account.  Answers to my security questions could easily be mined […]

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