There Is No Simplifying IT: We Know Your Job Is HardRead

  September 16, 2016 In the technology industry, we often take for granted how complex our field actually is. We’re so used to the concepts, acronyms, and lingo that it is easy to forget that the average professional doesn’t have the same depth of knowledge. Whether you work in the field or another business unit, […]

Working with a Mindsight Project TeamRead

  July 22, 2016 In every industry, there’s always an unknown element when working with a third-party company. Different companies are structured in different ways, and it may not always be as you might suspect. For example, when meeting with a technology consultant, such as Mindsight, how does the consultant translate your concerns into a […]

3 Key IT Strategies for 2016 Business Need To UseRead

  December 29, 2015 If there is one thing consistent in the technology industry, it’s that nothing stays the same. IT Directors and CIOs need to stay abreast of new technologies and be aware of their environment’s present and future challenges. A major component of this responsibility is looking ahead at what’s to come and […]

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