Mindsight FAQs: What is Shadow IT?Read

  December 27, 2015 Mindsight serves our clients as a trusted resource and expert consultant in all areas of technology, and as part of this relationship, we host monthly educational events for IT Directors and professionals. At these events, we try to answer as many of our guests’ questions as possible, but there isn’t always […]

Security Threats on the Internet of ThingsRead

  December 15, 2015 Even just a quick google search on “The Internet of Things” yields an eclectic mix of ideas, responses, and projections. AT&T is excited about the future prospect of connected cars, wearable devices, and smart cities. Meanwhile, others are connecting devices we never thought were necessary, like Hamwell’s e-Shower. Still, one undeniable […]

How WiFi Works: The Wireless Network JourneyRead

In nearly every home, apartment, office, and pocket there is a device capable of sending and receiving information through a WiFi signal. It’s one of the most common technologies in use today, yet many of us don’t know how it actually works. Truly, WiFi is an amazing technology that makes the convenience and power of […]

What Automation Means For The Future Of Network EngineeringRead

  Updated: October 30, 2018  (Originally Posted: April 4, 2015) Now known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the rise of AI and machine learning is expected to dramatically affect the IT sector and the wider global economy. 85% of the jobs people will have by 2030 – just 12 years away – don’t even exist […]

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