Prevent Fraud in the Contact CenterRead

  June 23, 2015 I called my bank yesterday to complete a wire transfer. After answering a couple of basic questions about my account and personal information, I was able to instantly transfer a considerable amount of money from my savings account to my retirement account.  Answers to my security questions could easily be mined […]

10 New Features in CIC 2015 R2Read

  May 13, 2015 Interactive Intelligence announced their new service release (2015 R2) in early March. With the new service release model, Interactive is including new features and bug fixes. With all these new features and product releases, many customers want to know one thing: whether or not they are beneficial to their environments. CIC […]

5 Contact Center Trends that Demand Your AttentionRead

  April 2, 2015 Much like contact center managers who are looking to set their budgets, consultants are often asked about what is new, where training dollars should be spent, and what areas of technology should be evaluated. Daniela, a blogger for Fonolo, recently posted a useful blog entitled 10 Important Contact Center Statistics for […]

Email Queuing Comes to Finesse in UCCX 10.6Read

  March 16, 2015 We recently talked about what was new in UCCX and whether or not the upgrades are worth it. One of the biggest features in UCCX 10.6 is the ability for agents using the Finesse Agent Desktop to handle routed emails using the new email gadget. This feature, alone, may be enough […]

Exceptional Service With The IoT: Contact Center StrategyRead

  March 3, 2015 There is a theory in the contact center world that communication should not be based around business to business or business to consumer, but rather on business to person.  Businesses are not buying what you have to sell. Individual purchasing managers are now the ones making these decisions.  Consumers are not […]

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