The Definitive Cisco WebEx Teams Adoption StrategyRead

  November 27, 2016 Cisco WebEx Teams is a revolutionary product. By combining the best aspects of other collaboration tools into one intuitive platform, Teams has the potential to change the way a company communicates and manages projects from the ground up. The efficacy of the solution is there; the problem that many companies face […]

Cisco and Apple Confirm Details of Cisco Webex Fast Lane on iOS 10Read

  November 2, 2016 Last year, Cisco and Apple announced a partnership to integrate Cisco Webex and other Cisco features into iOS 10. Now that iOS 10 is released, we finally know the details regarding Cisco and Apple’s much anticipated partnership. At a live global event held by Cisco on October 25, several Cisco speakers elaborated […]

Cisco Bolsters Spark Meetings with Worklife AcquisitionRead

  October 23, 2016 Cisco has a bit of a reputation within the technology industry for purchasing and acquiring small technology startups to improve their own technology offerings. That reputation continues to be true this month as Cisco purchased the collaboration software developer startup, Worklife, out of San Francisco. Cisco plans to continue selling Worklife […]

Top IT Challenges for the SMB: Strategic ThinkingRead

  July 12, 2016 A small-to-medium sized business (SMB) faces many of the same challenges as an enterprise organization, however, an SMB doesn’t have the same resources to overcome obstacles. The IT department of an SMB is almost always small, consisting of a handful of professionals tasked with a huge responsibility. The challenge of maintaining, […]

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