OpenStack and the Global Effort to Standardize the CloudRead

  November 12, 2015 In 2010, NASA and Rackspace founded Openstack, a development community tasked with creating an open source operating system to manage public, hybrid, and private cloud environments. The goal of the project was to standardize the operating framework behind cloud solutions. In the marketplace, companies utilize the cloud for all manner of reasons […]

Equinix: A Private Connection to the Public CloudRead

  November 8, 2015 The public cloud has been a point of concern and skepticism for some IT directors. The potential of leveraging the vast infrastructure and capabilities of organizations like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and other hyperscalers is enticing, but the public cloud model has always seemed to have two […]

Evaluating Cloud for BusinessRead

  March 4, 2015 Over the past few years, the cloud computing landscape has captivated consumer audiences with its flexibility and lean consumption ideology. The technology marketplace has reached critical mass in complexity with a myriad of application deployment options and no regulation in cloud adoption techniques or future state planning. Even with an experienced […]

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