Case Study: Managed Services for Foodstuff Manufacturer


January 12, 2016

This case study and the direct quotes included were partially informed and/or provided by an interview with a Mindsight client conducted by an objective 3rd party. The original interview in its entirety is available at


This Chicago-based foodstuffs manufacturer has worked hand in hand with Mindsight for over eight years. For much of that time, we have served as the client’s trusted project team. From FlexPod implementation to installing Meraki equipment, core network upgrades, and more, their environment was designed and constructed with the help of Mindsight engineers.

Just over a year ago, our client’s long-time IT director left the organization, and Mindsight was asked to step in and assist with the transition. In this Case Study: Managed Services we’ll review the problem, the solutions, and the results experienced by our client.


Case Study: Managed Services – The Problem

For years, there was a clear division of labor in the client’s IT department. Mindsight was responsible for hardware, implementation, servers, and storage. Whereas the in-house IT director would then provide all the necessary monitoring and maintenance services to keep the environment afloat.

However, when the IT director accepted a position with another company, it left our client in a crisis. Suddenly, there was no one to maintain the essential applications and hardware.


The Solution

New Management

Mindsight already understood the environment and so was poised to step in quickly and facilitate the transition. However, the turnover presented an interesting opportunity. The old dynamic that relegated the in-house IT director to basic maintenance responsibilities was not the most efficient. Instead of filling key personnel’s time with the grunt work of the IT department, the client decided to create a more strategic job role. Through our Managed Services offering, we were able to help restructure the department to be more cost-effective and efficient.

Monitoring and maintenance services were offloaded onto Mindsight. This enabled the new IT director to focus on key applications and work with the rest of the business to assess and address needs.


Disaster Recovery

As our client grew, more and more of their customers began to inquire about a disaster recovery (DR) plan. With the change in management, our client made the completion of this ongoing project a priority. Mindsight was happy to oblige. Today, our client employs a private cloud disaster recovery environment in a colocation using Veeam technology. Mindsight engineers are assigned to actively monitor, manage, and update the DR system as needed.


The Result

Whenever a company faces turnover at the director-level, it creates a challenge that ripples to every other department in the organization. Our client chose Mindsight to fill the vacuum created by the loss of a director. From there our Managed Services offering enabled our client to maintain the same level of service, while also restructuring the director position to provide more value to the company.

Now, Mindsight fills a support role and provides 24×7 monitoring as well as infrastructure repair and troubleshooting. Over the years, we have performed the labor to put their environment in place, and today, we serve to ensure it continues to deliver the results our client expects.

Over the past eight years, Mindsight has maintained a productive relationship with this client, and both parties look forward to continued success.


“I would say that their professionalism and responsiveness stands out. Mindsight has some talented people on their team and everyone we’ve interacted with has been top notch.”
— IT Director Consumer Products Manufacturer


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