4 Apps for Your Fourth of July BBQ


July 4, 2017

Our smartphones have become welcome and influential parts of our lives. It seems like no matter what the topic or tool, there is an app that can help. On the Fourth of July, Americans often enjoy a family barbeque, and a fireworks show, and like everything else, there are a handful of apps that can enrich the experience or simply make managing an outdoor party easier. To celebrate the holiday, we’ve gathered a short list of apps you can use at your Fourth of July BBQ.


Four Apps for Your Fourth


GrillTime: As many dads and grill masters will tell you, grilling is an art, and it requires a fair amount of experience to get your dinner cooked just right. GrillTime is a simple, yet powerful app that can help you grill the perfect meal.


  • Grilling Guide: The Grilling Guide serves many of the same functions as a knowledge base in a contact center. It notes ideal grilling times and temperatures based on the kind of meat and level of “doneness” you’re looking for.
  • Multi-Time: Meats, vegetables, and fruits all require a different amount of time on the grill. GrillTime will help you keep track of multiple food items at the same time. It allows you to easily manage several different timers simultaneously.
  • Flip Reminder: With the right timers and grill temperatures set, the only thing left to do is flip the food at the right time. The Flip Reminder feature will wait in the background of your phone and notify you when the time has come. Combined with the other tools in the app, it will yield the perfect grilled item any time.


Slow Shutter Cams: One of the biggest impacts of the smartphone was that it gave everyone with the device the opportunity to explore photography. On the Fourth of July, millions of photos of fireworks will be taken around the country. With that in mind, the Slow Shutter Cam app can be used to create some visually striking images.

The app overrides the normal camera function to enable a smartphone to access a variety of slow shutter speed effects normally only achievable with a DSLR camera. When a picture is taken, the camera takes in light and then a shutter closes quickly to ensure that the camera only captured a single still image. This app slows that process down so that the camera captures more light in a single exposure. The longer the shutter is open, the more movement can occur. This creates a color and motion blurring effect. When taking a picture of fireworks, the final result can be spectacular.


Fireworks Arcade: While waiting for the sun to set, Fireworks Arcade allows you to create virtual fireworks shows on your phone. Simply touch or click around the screen and create fun displays of light and sound. In addition, it includes a number of classic arcade games played using the same fireworks-themed platform.


Foodily: Whether preparing your menu for the evening Fourth of July BBQ or scrambling to whip something up at the last minute, Foodily will become your new best friend. The app and website styles itself as the “world’s largest recipe search engine” and has over 2 million recipes available for your perusal. The app even has some social media features that allow you to browse a feed of new recipes or share recipes with friends.


More than Just a Barbeque


The Fourth of July is, of course, about more than just a barbeque, but the gathering itself represents many of the ideals of the holiday. Once a year on the anniversary of our independence, we gather together to celebrate the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness we all deserve. By sharing food, friendship, and a few laughs, we live up to those sentiments and carry them onto a new year.

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